Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the sale in person or online?
This sale is online. All items get entered online and consignors drop off their items to us after they have sold (Please see our quality control and refund policies on how we handle any issues). Shopping is done online from the comfort of your own home! At the time when we started creating the business, we wanted to ensure we would be able to meet any Covid restrictions and not have to postpone. We felt online would be the best way and ensure that both consignors and buyers would feel safe.

If I sign up to consign, how do I know what to do?
You will receive a step by step guide walking you through everything from setting up your consignor account, to deciding on prices to entering your items. We have a few videos on different steps in the process and a Facebook Consignors Club to join and ask questions from the other consignors. We are also available via email and our social media accounts to respond to questions and help however we can! 

What time can I shop the Presale? The public sale? Half price Sunday?
The presale opens at 8am on November 25th. The public sale opens at midnight on November 26th. Half Price Sunday runs from 8am to 2pm on Sunday November 28th.

Do you accept homemade goods?
Due to strict regulations surrounding homemade childrens clothing in Canada, we do not accept homemade clothing. We can accept homemade blankets provided they are labelled in their descriptions as being homemade.

What is the difference between the Presale Pass and Public Pass?
The presale pass has no pickup fee and allows you access to the sale on November 25th 2021, giving you the greatest selection of items. The presale pass remains active throughout the entire sale allowing you to return and shop the half price Sunday! The public pass is free to browse and shop but has a $5.00 pickup fee. It allows you access to the sale from November 26th-28th 2021, including half price Sunday!

Where do I drop off and pickup my items?
Our drop off and pickup point is at the Marda Loop Community Association at 3130-16th Street SW, Calgary Alberta. There will be signs to direct you where you need to go.

Consignor Drop Off: November 29th and 30th between 8am and 8pm (you will receive an email to book your drop off time)

Buyer Pickup: December 1st and 2nd between 8am and 8pm (you will get a link in your purchase receipt to book a pickup time)

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