Large Items

We know parents invest a lot of money in the large items for their kids. In order to recognize that we are offering a higher take home percentage on your big items!

  • Any single listing sold for $150-$399 you will earn 70%.
  • Any single listing sold for $400 and up you will earn 75%.

 *Please note the large item percentages are excluded from any bonuses (volunteer shifts and giveaways), however even if you are earning 60% on your smaller items, you will earn the higher amounts on large ones!*

Items that MAY qualify as a large item include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Strollers (with or without attachments, umbrella strollers do not qualify)*
  • Ride In Wagons
  • Free-Standing High Chairs
  • Playpens, Cribs, Bassinets, Bedside Sleepers*
  • Baby Activity Centers
  • Baby Swing, Baby Bouncers
  • Climbing Setups, Playhouses, Jungle Gyms, Playhouses
  • Powerwheels
  • Play Kitchens/Workbenches/Vet Centre/Grocery Store
  • Any other items approved by Kids Fair Staff (please email us if you have questions)

    * Please make sure you have completed the checklist for cribs, stroller, bassinets and/or playpens and have it attached to your item at drop off. Health Canada has specific requirements for resale that must be met or the item cannot be sold.*

    Consignors must bring the completed checklists with the large items:
    Cribs, Cradles & Bassinet - Click Here 
    Carriages & Strollers- Click Here 
    Playpens- Click Here