Large Items

Kids Fair wants your large items!

We know parents invest a lot of money in the large items for their kids. To recognize that we have significantly INCREASED your take home percentage on your large items! The items must be listed on the sale site for $100.00 or more and must be on the below list or approved by Kids Fair staff to qualify for this payout percentage.

Here is the breakdown:
Any large item that sells for $100.00 to $349.00 will be paid out at 85% 
Any large item that sells for $350.00 or higher will be paid out at 90%

*Please note that any additional bonuses from team member shifts or giveaways will not be applied to the large items.*

Although you can set your own prices, we highly recommend following the provided pricing guide for the best chance at selling your items! Retail price and item condition will help guide you to set a reasonable price. Set your prices to make it hard for buyers to pass up the item!

Items that MAY qualify as a large item include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Strollers (with or without attachments, umbrella strollers do not qualify)*
  • Ride In Wagons
  • Free-Standing High Chairs
  • Playpens, Cribs, Bassinets, Bedside Sleepers*
  • Baby Activity Centers, Baby Swings, Baby Bouncers
  • Climbing Setups, Playhouses, Jungle Gyms, Playhouses, Play Couches
  • Hiking Carrier Backpacks, Bike Trailers
  • Powerwheels/Electric Ride-Ons
  • Play Kitchens/Workbenches/Vet Centre/Grocery Store
  • Any other items approved by Kids Fair Staff (please email us if you have questions)

* Please make sure you have completed the checklist for cribs, stroller, bassinets and/or playpens and have it attached to your item at drop off. Health Canada has specific requirements for resale that must be met or the item cannot be sold.*

Consignors must bring the completed checklists with the large items:
Cribs, Cradles & Bassinet - Click Here 
Carriages & Strollers- Click Here 
Playpens- Click Here