Kids Fair Buyer's Guide

Shopping a consignment sale can be overwhelming. Here are a couple of
Helpful Hints to get you started!

 #1 Make a detailed list
It’s easy to remember that your kid needs “clothes,” but try to be more specific! What size do you need, how many of each item, and in what colour? For things like baby gates and shelving, make sure you know the measurements for your space so you don’t buy the wrong size!

#2 Create your budget
How much are you willing to spend on each item? Is there something you’re willing to splurge a bit on? All of our Kids Fair items are priced well below retail value so you will save money regardless!

#3 Buy a Presale or Twilight Pass
This ensures you get the most selection prior to the sale opening to the public. You can grab some of those hot-ticket items that you've had your eye on!

#4 Wishlist your favourite items
Prior to the sale opening, you will be able to view all the items available. At the top right-hand corner of the product, there is a heart that you can click. This will add the item to your wishlist! This will make checkout easier & more efficient.

#5 Watch your cart time
To ensure that you are getting all the items that you would like, we highly suggest checking out every 5 minutes. If there is an item you really want, check it out and then return to shopping. We will be able to see you have multiple orders and will package them all together.  

#6 Get comfortable
There is no reason not to be comfortable at this sale! Get those sweatpants on, grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine and get ready to shop for your kiddos from the comfort of your couch!

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