Buyers Agreement

Kids Fair Buyer Agreement for Calgary Online Sale
By purchasing from Kids Fair I agree to the following terms:

· I agree to pick up my items at my chosen date and time. If I am no longer able to pick up at my designated time I must make every effort to contact Kids Fair Ltd. and arrange an alternate time. If I do not pick up my items by the end of the designated pickup days, I will be billed a $10.00 fee for keeping my order available for me. I understand this fee will be sent as an invoice on Shopify and must be paid before the items are released to me. Items must be picked up within one week of the sale or they will be donated.

· I understand that I will receive a receipt of all items for each order purchased during the Kids Fair sale via the email I have provided with my buyer account setup. I understand I need to book ONE pick-up time via the link sent.

· I understand that Kids Fair Ltd. will do their best to ensure all items meet their quality and condition standards and a purchased item may not be available post purchase if it does not meet them. Depending on the problem, Kids Fair Staff may discuss the issue noted with me and provide a partial or full refund. Items that are pulled due to safety concerns are refunded in full and will not be released to buyers.

· I understand that I need to check over all items, except for items requiring setup or full unboxing, at pickup and alert Kids Fair staff if there is an issue. If I choose not to inspect them onsite, I understand that I am no longer eligible for a potential full or partial refund on these items. I accept that I have 24 hours after pickup to report any issues with all items requiring setup or unboxing to examine fully.

· If I am receiving delivery, I understand that I have 24 hours to report issues with any of my items to potentially be eligible for a full or partial refund.

· I understand that no refunds are given for buyer error; only for recalled items or true misrepresentation of an item listed for sale.

· I understand that I cannot return an item.

Kids Fair Buyer Refund Policy
Quality, Condition or Misrepresentation disputes initiated by Consignor, Buyer, Kids Fair Staff Member or Team Member

All items sold through Kids Fair Ltd. are not seen physically by buyers prior to purchasing. To ensure advertised quality and condition, items are inspected to the best of Kids Fair abilities, to ensure they were not misrepresented. All large items and electronic items are inspected, plugged in or turned on to ensure full working condition. Any items that don’t pass inspection will be subjected to the terms below.

If a buyer, volunteer or staff member reports a misrepresentation of quality or condition, or that a purchased item does not meet the Kids Fair Quality Standards, it is up to the sole discretion of a Kids Fair Staff Member to adjust the price of the item bundle or the individual item, or to completely refund the item in question. If an item is refunded in full, Kids Fair may request for the item to be returned.

· Partial refunds: issued when a buyer is unhappy an item isn’t up to the quality advertised, but still wants to keep the item and attempt to remedy it themselves. The buyer will be refunded up to 50% of the sale price

· Partial Refunds of a Bundle: issued when one item in a bundle has an issue. The sale price of the bundle will be divided by the number of items in the bundle and that amount will be refunded to the buyer.

· Full Refund of Bundle or Item: issued when the buyer doesn’t want the item due to quality not as advertised or pulled by Kids Fair staff due to a quality or safety issue. The buyer will be refunded 100% of the sale price and will leave the item with Kids Fair.

Buyers are provided with space to look over their items at pickup. Issues with quality or condition of their items must be reported to staff onsite at pickup time. If the buyer chooses to not look over their items at pick-up time, they are assuming responsibility for the quality of the item. The only exception are items that require setup or complete unboxing to properly examine them: buyers have 24 hours to report issues with these items. Items will not be refunded due to buyer error and will only be refunded due to quality and safety issues that are deemed true misrepresentation by Kids Fair Staff Member.

Due to the nature of the Kids Fair pop-up consignment sale and that all items are purchased from individual consignors, returns will not be accepted. Items cannot be returned due to buyer error. If a buyer decides they do not like a purchased item, it can be re-consigned at the next sale or left with Kids Fair for donation to a local Calgary organization. Issues with quality and safety will be subject to the refund terms above.

Quality Issues when Items are Delivered: The buyer must report issues with quality or condition of their items within 24 hours of delivery to be eligible for partial or full refunds. Items will not be refunded due to buyer error and will only be refunded due to quality, condition or safety issues that are deemed true misrepresentation by Kids Fair Staff Member. These concerns must be sent to, along with pictures of the item(s) in question to initiate a potential refund.