Consignor Agreement

Kids Fair Consignor Agreement for Calgary Online Sale
By purchasing this consignor pass and listing an item for sale within the Kids Fair Consignor Portal, I am agreeing to the following:

· I acknowledge that I will earn 60% of my sales total. I acknowledge that some of my items MAY be eligible for the “Large Items Program” and will be payed out according to it. I understand that I can earn store credit and early access passes as a social ambassador and I can earn extra money on my payout if I sign up to work as a team member (paid hourly).

· As a consignor or returning consignor I agree to pay the consignor fee up front. I understand that my account will be activated or re-activated within 24 hours of purchase of my pass.

· I acknowledge that the consignor pass is non-refundable.

· I acknowledge that this is an ONLINE CONSIGNMENT sale. I accept that Kids Fair will do everything to ensure that all items upload properly to the sale platform, and will double check that they have, however Kids Fair cannot guarantee every item will transfer properly. I am aware that Kids Fair provides a sales platform for my items and I must enter all items and photos, per provided guidelines, myself.

· I guarantee that all my items listed are not listed for sale anywhere else and are exclusively available to sell with Kids Fair from when the consignor portal closes to the end of the sale. Doing otherwise could result in my removal as a consignor.

· I agree to check my items against the recall information and websites provided to ensure I am not selling anything that is recalled or prohibited within Canada. Kids Fair will make reasonable efforts to monitor items and to verify they meet compliance however it is my responsibility to ensure that I am not listing recalled items or items that are damaged in any way that may cause harm to an individual.

· I understand that once the consignor portal closes, I cannot add photos, adjust prices or delete items from the sale. I acknowledge that any item listed that does not have photos when the portal closes, will be removed from the sale.

· All items I am listing have been inspected for any defects and minor defects (scratches, bent corner, minor wear and tear etc.) have been noted in the description. Items that are broken, defective or severely damaged in any way are not eligible for sale. I confirm items are clean, free of any odours (& smoke free), are in proper working condition with working batteries/charging cords and have all required pieces. Any extra pieces must be attached as indicated in the Consignor Guide.

· All of my clothing and shoes are in condition as advertised: no stains, holes, tears or odours. Clothing has been freshly laundered, with zippers and buttons in working order, bundled as advertised and tagged per guidelines. I understand that the ultimate responsibility for ensuring the quality and condition of clothing and shoes lies with me. I agree that my items are as advertised when I check them in at drop-off. Any issues identified by buyers and brought to the attention of the Kids Fair staff will be reviewed and may be subject to refunds and fees.

· If any items are deemed inappropriate or offensive to any sexual orientation, gender, race, religion or any other demographic, they will be removed from the sale platform without notice. Items deemed to be of cultural appropriation will also be removed.

· I agree to drop off all my sold items on the date and time I have chosen. If I show up at an alternate time, I understand I may need to wait to get checked in. I understand that if I do

not drop off all sold items or my items are not bundled and tagged correctly or have quality or condition issues I will be charged a fee and may be removed as a consignor in future events. I am aware that I can have someone else drop off my items for me.

· I agree to the terms outlined in the Consignor Fee and Refund policy.

· I agree to receive payment through interac e-transfer and that payment will be sent to the email address linked with my consignor account login. Payment will be sent within 10 business days following the 24-hour period for buyers to report issues.

· I acknowledge that my consignor payout will be calculated as follows:

o Item sales multiplied by Consignor Earning Rate (60%) plus Large Item Sales multiplied by earning rate (85-90%) minus any fees incurred

o Any additional payment for Team Member work will be added to my consignor payout

I understand that Kids Fair Ltd. is only an event organizer for the consignor. Kids Fair Ltd. accepts NO LIABILITY arising from any of my items and has no obligation to pay for any unsold items. Title possession of each item consigned remains with me, the Consignor.

I agree to waive relinquish, discharge, release, and covenant not to sue Kids Fair Ltd. or any of the entity’s members, officers, directors, agents, employees, volunteers or the insurer of and Kids Fair Ltd. for any and all claims of injury, damage, or loss that any purchaser of the items that I am consigning may have or that may accrue to any purchaser of the items arising out of, connected with, or in any way associated with such consigned items. 

I agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Kids Fair Ltd. and any of either entity’s members, officers, directors, agents, employees, volunteers, or the insurer of Kids Fair Ltd. from and against, without limitation, any and all claims, loss, damages, forfeitures, penalties, liability, actions, suits, costs and attorney fees arising from my participation shopping and or volunteering and or related to the items I am consigning.

By listing an item for sale within the Kids Fair consignor portal, I am agreeing to the terms of the Kids Fair Consignor Agreement.

Consignor Additional Fees and Refund Policy
Quality, Condition or Misrepresentation disputes initiated by Consignor, Buyer, Kids Fair Staff Member or Team Member

Shoppers are unable to physically see the items they are purchasing prior to purchase. They have instilled their trust in Kids Fair and consignors must assist with maintaining that. Kids Fair understands that errors happen, and an item may get sold that is not represented appropriately in the online listing or that does not meet quality and condition standards. As such, consignors will get 2 grace items of under $10.00 sale price per sale without incurring additional fees. If there’s a reported issue with an item over $10.00 sale price, then it is subject to the fees outlined below.

Fees Associated with Refunds (to be deducted off consignor payout, if the consignor has already used their 2 grace items or the item sale price is over $10.00):

· Partial Refunds: issued when a buyer is unhappy an item isn’t up to the quality or condition advertised but is willing to keep the item at a discounted rate and remedy the issue themselves. The buyer will be refunded up to 50% of the sale price and the consignor will incur a $1.00 fee per item refunded.

· Partial Refunds of a Bundle: issued when one item in a bundle has an issue. The sale price of the bundle will be divided by the number of items in the bundle and that amount will be refunded to the buyer and the consignor will incur a $1.00 fee per item refunded.

· Full Refund of Bundle or Item: issued when the buyer doesn’t want the item due to poor quality or condition, is not as depicted or is pulled by Kids Fair staff due to a quality, condition or safety issue. The buyer will be refunded 100% of the sale price and the consignor will incur a $1.00 fee per item refunded.

*Any amount refunded to a buyer due to an issue is deducted from the consignor payout.*

If a buyer, a team member, or a staff member reports a misrepresentation of quality or condition, or that the item does not meet the Kids Fair Quality Standards, it is up to the sole discretion of a Kids Fair Staff Member to adjust the price of the bundle or the individual item, or to completely refund the item in question or find an alternate solution. If the item has already been received by Kids Fair then Kids Fair will contact the consignor once a solution has been reached to rectify the issue. If the buyer choses not to take the item in question and the consignor would like it back, it must be picked up by the end of buyer pickup days or it may be donated. Any items deemed unsafe will be disposed of and will not be returned to consignors.

If a consignor notes an issue with a sold item prior to drop-off, it is expected that they will report it to a Kids Fair Staff Member. Depending on the situation fees may still be applicable.

If a consignor has 3 or more items in a sale deemed of unacceptable quality and not meeting the standards expected by Kids Fair, they may be contacted by a Kids Fair Staff Member for discussion regarding quality standards. It is up the discretion of Kids Fair Staff Members as to whether a consignor will be permitted to sell items in a future sale, especially if they have had multiple items of unacceptable quality returned by sellers.

All items that do not need to be setup or removed from boxes, are required to be inspected at pickup in order to identify and resolve any issues. A buyer has 24 hours to report any issues with items requiring setup that they have taken home. If an issue is reported and meets the terms for refund, Kids Fair will be responsible for obtaining the item if required. If the consignor wants this item back (and the item is not being refunded due to a safety issue) they can arrange with Kids Fair Staff to pick up the item. The item will incur a $10.00 fee to be held by Kids Fair Staff.

Consignor payouts will not begin to be issued until after this period and all the issues have been resolved. Items will not be refunded due to buyer error and will only be refunded due to quality, condition or safety issues that are deemed true misrepresentation by Kids Fair Staff Members.

Missing Items at Drop-Off Time:
If any item is missing at drop off and the consignor can drop it off prior to the end of consignor drop-off days, no fee will be charged. If the item is not brought in, the consignor will lose that sale, have a $5.00 fee deducted per item and the buyer will be refunded in full.

If a consignor does not bring their sold items, they will not be permitted to sell again with Kids Fair. A consignor can have anyone drop off their sold items.

Clothing and Shoe Drop-offs:
Clothing and shoes are no longer inspected by Kids Fair staff at drop-off. It is the consignor’s responsibility to ensure the items they sell are in the quality and condition advertised. Any reported issues by a buyer for clothing and shoes will be subject to the fees listed above for partial or full refunds. The consignors accept full responsibility for ensuring that their items meet the quality and condition standards as outlined by Kids Fair and will incur the fees and deductions associated with any refunds due to quality, condition or safety issues.

Other Fees That May be Charged:

· Missing Barcodes: barcodes must be printed and properly affixed to the sold item. If Kids Fair is required to manually enter the items or print the barcodes, a fee of $1.00 per item/barcode will be deducted from consignor payout.

· Dead or Missing Batteries: a fee of $5.00 per item will be charged for having to replace batteries. Batteries in items must be working for testing; they do not need to be brand new.

· E-Transfer Issues: Consignor payout is issued to the email address associated with the consignor account. If the e-transfer has been issued and then is asked to be sent to a different email a $10.00 fee will be deducted. Kids Fair does not send reminders to consignors to accept the e-transfer. If it expires and the consignor asks for it to be re-issued, a fee of $5.00 will be deducted prior to being resent.

Conditions for How a Consignor Can be Removed from Selling with Kids Fair:

· The consignor fails to deliver sold items during the drop-off days following the sale.

· The consignor has issues with quality or condition of items and has had 3+ items refunded 2 or more sales in a row.

· The consignor is found to be selling items listed on the Kids Fair site via other means from when the consignor portal closes to the end of the sale.

Consignors will be emailed and made aware that they will not be permitted to sell again with Kids Fair.