Prepping & Tagging Items

Prepping Items:

• All items must be clean and in great working condition.
• Bundle clothing must be safety pinned together. Not in bags. 
• Wrinkled clothing does not sell as well as ironed clothing.
• Make sure all pieces and parts are secured together to your items. Paper or Ziploc bags work well for multiple-piece items. Shoes can be zip tied or held together by ribbon.
• All items, parts, and pieces must be visible in pictures. 
• Package large sets (Legos, etc) in bags-paper or Ziploc. Boxes will not be accepted unless they are the original packaging or for a game, puzzle, etc.
• Price tags must be printed from the Consignor Portal. The barcode must visible.
• Safety pin price tags to clothing and other soft items and tape tags securely to other items.

Our Consignor Guide will provide more detail on prepping and tagging your items!

Tagging Items

Items you will need for Tagging:
• Reusable plastic bags
• Zip Ties
• Hangers for clothing
• Clear Tape or Painter's tape
• Clear (Saran) wrap
• Safety Pins
• Scissors
• Paper or Ziploc Bags
• Twine

You will be sent a PDF of all your barcode tags prior to the start of the sale, once quality checks are completed. The items that don’t sell can keep the same tags and willremain in your account for the next sale!

  • Securely attach the tag, so it will not fall off
  • Make sure all pieces of the item are secured, you can use bags or tie them together
  • You can use safety pins to secure tags to the fabric as long as the material will not be damaged.
  • Use painter's tape on books or boxes (won’t tear the covers when removed) and tape to the back of the book in the lower right-hand corner.
  • For individual clothing items, use a safety pin and secure the tag to the garment. Try and secure along a seam on the right-hand side so that damage is not caused to the item.