Referrals & Bonuses

Consignors Referral Program

Refer Buyers:

  • Be an active consignor*
  • Recommend Kids Fair to friends and family
  • Buyer enters your name in the notes at the checkout of their purchase during the sale
  • Kids Fair tracks the mentions you get and for every three (3) buyers that enter your name, you receive an additional 5% of your sales (your base take home is 60% and you can receive up to an extra 10% of your sales by being mentioned six (6) times)

Refer Consignors:

  • You recommend Kids Fair to someone interested in consigning
  • They sign up and mention in their checkout notes that you referred them
  • If you are both active consignors* then you BOTH receive the price of your consignor pass refunded (as a credit on your consignor payout)

*Must have 35 or more items OR greater than $250 sale value listed for the upcoming sale to be considered “Active.”

Buyers Referral Program

  • You buy a Presale Pass from Kids Fair
  • You recommend the Kids Fair Presale Pass to a friend
  • They buy a Presale Pass and mention your name in the notes at checkout
  • You BOTH receive 50% or the Presale Pass price back

 Additional Bonuses

If you live within Calgary City Limits and spend $250 or more (total value of ALL of your orders), Kids Fair offers free delivery for you the day after order pickups.