Return Policy

Consignor Refunds:

Poor Quality Disputes initiated by Buyer or Kids Fair Staff Member/Volunteer

Shoppers are unable to see the items they are purchasing prior to purchasing them. They have instilled their trust into Kids Fair and our consignors must assist with maintaining that trust. We realize that errors happen and an item may get sold that does not meet our quality standards. As such, our consignors will get 2 grace items without incurring handling fees.

If a buyer, volunteer, or staff reports a misrepresentation of quality, or that the item does not meet the Kids Fair Quality Standards and they are unhappy with it, it is up to the sole discretion of a Kids Fair Staff Member to adjust the price of the item bundle or the individual item, or to completely refund the item in question. If a bundle or an item is refunded in entirety by Kids Fair, the consignor loses that sale. If the item has already been received, it will either be donated or thrown away (if it’s a safety issue).

Fees Associated with Refunds (to be deducted off consignor cheque and only if has already used their 2 grace items):

Partial refund-Partial discount (exact amount to be determined by Kids Fair Staff Member) to shopper from consignor plus a $5.00 KF handling fee

Full Refund of Bundle or Item: 100% of price refunded to the shopper from consignor, plus a $5.00 KF handling fee

If a consignor has more than 3 items in a sale deemed of unacceptable quality and not meeting the standards expected by Kids Fair, they will be contacted by a Kids Fair Staff Member for discussion regarding quality standards. It is up the discretion of Kids Fair Staff Members as to whether a consignor will be permitted to sell items in a future sale, if they have had multiple items of unacceptable quality returned by sellers.

Buyers must report issues with quality control of their items while picking them up to be eligible for partial or full refunds. Space is provided for buyers to look over their items after pickup to ensure they meet the representation online from the sale. Items will not be refunded due to buyer error, and only will be refunded due to quality control issues that are deemed true misrepresentation by Kids Fair Staff Member.

Missing Items at Drop off time

Missing Items:
If any item is missing at drop off the and the consignor can drop it off prior to closing time that night, no fee will be charged. If they cannot a $5.00 fee will be charged even if item is dropped off the next day. If item is not brought, consignor will lose that sale, have a $5.00 fee deducted and the buyer will be refunded in full.